Easy Tips to Master Your Metabolism with Austin McGuffie

Easy Tips to Master Your Metabolism with Austin McGuffie



Austin McGuffie (aka The Metabolism Mentor) explains the importance of connecting metabolism nutrition, food, and movement with the Black community. 

Content creator, Austin McGuffie, is on a mission to break down metabolism into digestible chunks for the average person – especially for the American Black community. He is a relatable nutrition changemaker helping people make healthier choices for themselves without shaming the dietary devils we’re constantly tempted by. In this episode, we discuss the easiest ways to shift your metabolic health, the impact of glucose monitoring, and the role of culture in dietary decision-making.

Show Notes:

  • Austin was a personal trainer who became deeply interested in metabolic health, and he now spends his time sharing metabolic tips with his audience and community

  • Strong sleep and movement habits are necessary for optimal metabolic health

  • When building a metabolically healthy bowl, put your complete carbs on the bottom and later protein, veggies, and fat on top so you eat the most nutrient dense foods first and you have that in your system before eating the carbs

  • It's not about being perfect everyday, but using understanding of metabolic health empowers you to make good choices most of the time

  • With kids, Austin and his wife encourage "self directed nutrition" which helps them take accountability, and he educates them on how different foods make them feel to encourage good choices

  • Austin uses a Continuous Glucose Monitor to check in on how different meals and lifestyle factors are impacting his blood sugar, and his body has become much more insulin sensitive as a result


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