Living a Meaningful Life with Less with The Minimalists

Living a Meaningful Life with Less with The Minimalists



The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn, and Ryan Nicodemus discuss releasing attachment to physical objects to make room for more profound meaning and intention in our lives.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have transformed the lives of over 20 million people by helping declutter their homes and strive for a more meaningful existence through their brand, “The Minimalists.”

In this episode, we explore how to make room for the essential elements in your life by being intentional with your purchasing power and evaluating your checklist of the things you need in your life, from throwing a packing party of all your belongings and clearing out those dusty junk drawers, to creating that extra step of resistance between you and the supposed objects of desire stored on that online shopping cart. 

After listening, you’ll learn more about your relationship to everything around you and why walking away from the things that don’t serve you – be it an object or a relationship – is much easier than you realize.

Show Notes:

  • By dealing with the external clutter, we are able to deal with our internal clutter in better ways

  • Ask yourself "How might my life be better with less?" and start to make more room in your life for life's most important things which aren't "things"

  • Joshua and Ryan developed 16 Rules for Living with Less to guide their decisions around stuff

  • Minimalism isn't about deprivation, and it's important to define what personally brings you value and prioritize those items

  • When you're evaluating a purchase: think about if you're buying the item for you, or to project something for an external viewer, ask if the item will truly add value to your life and ask if you can truly afford it (financially and mentally)

  • We often hold onto items for sentimental purposes, but it's good to remember that our memories are in us, not in our things. It's okay to have some sentimental items, but the Minimalists like to really make those intentional choices

  • The "20/20" rule is asking if the items you have "just in case" could be replaced within 20 minutes for under $20. If so, consider how essential they are to owning or traveling with, and you'll often find that extra "just in case" purchases don't happen


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