Healthy Kids, Happy Parents with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Healthy Kids, Happy Parents with Dr. Nicole Beurkens



Leading holistic child psychologist, bestselling author, and mom of four, Dr. Nicole Beurkens, brings a holistic approach to the world of children's mental and body health with effective, research-based strategies that get to the root cause.

America's children are battling more behavioral issues than ever before. Parents are on edge and so are their kids. And tech, lack of sleep, and the pandemic haven't helped things get easier, so how do we fix it?

The good news is it's not your – or your kid's fault. Band-aid strategies aren't going to work without examining the body and mind holistically, and that means creating a treatment framework from a physiological standpoint, supporting behavior through nutrition, and getting their tech hygiene (and yours) in check. Tune in to learn more!

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Beurkens built a background in traditional child psychology and found that it lacked much application of physiology and she started to research connections between physical symptoms and mental health

  • Many mental health symptoms are rooted in physiology like infections, food sensitivities, and unaddressed trauma

  • Emotional dysregulation comes up when a child can't manage the emotion that they're taking in, and it's important to understand this to help kids regulate better by showing them a calm response that they can mirror

  • We've learned that discipline tools like time outs don't actually help kids learn to regulate

  • Stabilizing your child's blood sugar can really help them with their energy and emotional regulation

  • Prioritize feeding protein to your child and help keep them under 25 grams of added sugar per day

  • Even mild levels of dehydration can negatively impact children's attention, energy, and anxiety

  • Food sensitivities that cause symptoms like constipation can also be related to anxiety and emotional dysregulation in children

  • Good sleep is important for supporting children's health and mood, Dr. Beurkens recommends limiting devices during the day and no devices close to bedtime to support restful sleep


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