Building the Bridge from Insight to Action with Dr. Nicole LePera

Building the Bridge from Insight to Action with Dr. Nicole LePera



Dr. Nicole LePera, AKA The Holistic Psychologist, joins the podcast to celebrate our 100th episode and discuss how we can “do the work,” process trauma, and activate the change we want in our lives.

After years of spending time “on both sides of the couch” as a traditional therapist and patient locked in cyclic stress patterns struggling to create change, Dr. Nicole LePera began her transformational journey of self-healing. She started a healing space on Instagram as The Holistic Psychologist, and her community of self-healers has since become a global phenomenon. In addition, she recently collated her learnings with her New York Times bestseller: “How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self.

In this episode, she reveals how she short-circuited the behavioral patterns that weren’t serving her. We also learn the different ways you can consciously “drop into your body” to become present and purposeful, and why integrating your trauma (big T and little t) can help build the bridge between insight and action.

Show Notes:

  • Nicole was always curious about others, and felt she was always heading towards a career of a psychologist, but she also always struggled with anxiety

  • Her own struggles brought her to holistic practices within psychology, and integrating mind and body healing practices

  • We often aren't fully connected to our choices and decisions because we have started to take a passive role in our own life, but it's important to tune in and be an explorer of yourself

  • Many of us dissociate in our lives as a form of survival or trying to care for ourselves, and that can lead to furthered states of stagnation and disconnection

  • Our goal in adulthood is to look at what adaptations we've made, and identify which ones aren't serving us

  • Practice hooking your attention and attaching it to your breath to focus and bring yourself into the present

  • We feel protected in our patterns, but it's in the process of bridging our new habits through conscious awareness that we make changes

  • Childhood trauma truly has the ability to impact us physically and mentally later in life, and most of us develop coping mechanisms to dissociate from traumas we have experienced

  • Nicole applies trauma adaptations to experienced or perceived traumas, not just the events that we all might think of when we hear the word "trauma"

  • A lot of us as adults don't know what we really want, but we need to actively reconnect with our physical, spiritual, and emotional selves

  • We have to take our intention and translate it to a daily, consistent action to create and maintain change in our lives


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