Dissolving Fears to Free Your Mind with Peter Crone

Dissolving Fears to Free Your Mind with Peter Crone



The mind architect, Peter Crone, explains how language and programming dampen human potential and the ways we can all free ourselves from our limiting beliefs to live a fuller, richer life.

Peter Crone doesn’t solve problems; he works to dissolve them. By cutting off the oxygen supply to the self-destructive system we feed daily, Peter Crone gives life to the innate power and potential we all have inside us. His strategies have helped thousands of people become the architects of their existence and move from a state of dis-ease to peace. 

Today we explore how limiting self-beliefs, ego, and subconscious programming hold us back, and how by stepping into your purpose and being of service to your wellbeing you can still hold space for the ones you love.

Show Notes:

  • Peter's work focuses on people's perceptions and views of themselves and helping them unpack limiting beliefs

  • Peter helps people discover what's lying beneath limiting thoughts and helps deprogram those thought patterns

  • Peter wants to look beyond the currently healthcare systems to focus on how the mind impacts body wellness, focusing on unpacking subconscious beliefs

  • Instead of looking for others to complete you, focus on understanding your own triggers, desires, and beliefs and find fulfillment in your own happiness first

  • Wanting and desiring something can reinforce the lack of the thing, examine where those desires are coming from


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