Learning How to Be Happy, Not Perfect with Poppy Jamie

Learning How to Be Happy, Not Perfect with Poppy Jamie



If you scrolled through her Instagram page a few years ago, television host Poppy Jamie was living the dream – but on the inside, she was unraveling. After stress sent her to hospital, she re-examined her priorities, purpose, and thought processes. She decided to create an approachable and accessible platform to help people manage their wellbeing, and the Happy Not Perfect app was born. 

In this episode, Poppy shares her emotional backstory and rock bottom that forced her to reset her mind, body and soul. Plus: we discuss the tools you can use to diffuse triggering moments, untangle negative thought bias, and get back to the happy, not perfect state you were born to be.

Show Notes:

  • Examine what you are putting your energy and effort into, and decide if that is what actually brings you the most joy and satisfaction

  • We never think about the opportunity cost of what we "want", there are always trade offs, and sometimes the things that light us up are much simpler than the extravagant things that are touted as "goals"

  • Poppy's 4 step Flex method starts with Connecting our body and our brain, and Poppy favors the Infusion Technique to process emotions

  • Following Connection, Curiosity is all about bringing a childlike curiosity into life every day, and not jumping to conclusions

  • After Curiosity, you Choose how to approach the day and react to the situations you are put in

  • The Flexible Mindset is about honoring your true self, the the step to Commit is to really lean into being yourself

  • The power of manifestation lies in the repetition of it, it really sets the direction of your attention and helps you discovery opportunities by being present in what we want

  • Dismantling perfectionism is a process and a daily process to reconigze different areas where we are seeking to control things, and sit with those feels to give yourself more kindness in those areas


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