Empower Your Body by Upping Sodium with Robb Wolf

Empower Your Body by Upping Sodium with Robb Wolf



Founder and President of LMNT, Robb Wolf, talks about why you should increase your sodium intake and how LMNT has disrupted the electrolyte drink market with a streamlined, sugar-free formula that really works.

It's no secret that adding electrolytes to my whole-food, protein-rich diet upped my energy (and breast milk production). LMNT is now a permanent fixture in my kitchen cabinet, and I can't stop sharing this hydrating magic fuel with my clients. From the amount of DMs I'm getting, it's clearly piquing interest!

This week's guest, LMNT founder, Robb Wolf, is here to answer all of your questions on electrolytes and the most effective ways to introduce them into your everyday family diet. He discusses the clean and simplified LMNT formula that sets the brand apart from the sports drinks on the market and the importance of customizing your electrolyte intake depending on your personal stats.

Show Notes:

  • Robb has a background in biochemistry and used to be an avid powerlifter. Health issues prompted him to make dietary changes and research and implement a paleo lifestyle

  • Robb learned that his sodium intake was low for his lifestyle and intense training

  • A lot of people who are consciously limiting processed foods become sodium deficient and will feel better if they start to supplement sodium

  • In general, the fewer carbohydrates someone consumes regularly, the more they may need to supplement sodium

  • Increasing sodium consumption can help with athletic performance, mental clarity, and alertness

  • Many breastfeeding moms using LMNT have noticed increased milk supply, due to several synergistic correlating factors

  • Robb gives his children LMNT and the other things they consume have a whole foods focus, things that they can self-regulate consumption of

  • Robb's podcast, The Health Rebellion Radio seeks to answer questions from his community and helps people customize all of the information out there for their personal health habits


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