Debunking Food Industry Myths with Dr. Robert Lustig

Debunking Food Industry Myths with Dr. Robert Lustig



Dr. Robert Lustig reveals how the food industry has hacked our minds and bodies with sugar, and how we can take that power – and our health – back into our own hands..

Dr. Robert Lustig is on a mission to divulge the toxic truth about sugar and lift the veil on today’s food industry which has coerced us to believe that calories are the enemy. Once and for all, you are not what you eat! This episode will tell you why. 

Dr. Robert and I debunk the many myths which have led to the obesity epidemic in the United States, getting to the root of the true dietary devil that has snuck its way into every single processed product (and seemingly healthy snack).

This enlightening conversation will empower you to vote with your fork, take your health into your own hands, and eat the foods that live up to Robert’s manifesto of “protecting the liver and feeding the gut.” The power is ours, and it’s time to take it back..

Show Notes:

  • By studying leptin in the 90’s, Dr. Lustig began to understand the connections between metabolism, leptin, and insulin

  • Lowering baseline insulin levels impact many health conditions, and Dr. Lustig did obesity studies where reduced insulin lead to amazing results in patients who struggled to lose weight

  • Look past calorie counting and start examining insulin as the culprit when it comes to metabolic dysfunction

  • Dr. Lustig’s work at UCSF examines how the food industry has hidden the impact of sugar and insulin on metabolic dysfunction, and why it is so hard to get accurate and actionable information out to consumers

  • The “hateful or grateful 8” are subcellular processes that can go well or badly depending on your metabolic health: glycation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance, membrane instability, methylation, inflammation, and autophagy

  • Lifestyle factors will influence the outcomes of the “hateful or grateful 8”, making it so important to know about what foods support these processes

  • Food subsidies in the United States are propping up and supporting low prices for products like soy and corn which are endemic throughout processed foods and are damaging to overall health


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