Elevate Your Health & Experience a State Change with Dr. Robin Berzin

Elevate Your Health & Experience a State Change with Dr. Robin Berzin



Dr. Robin Berzin outlines the core actions you can apply to your life for better emotional health and mental wellbeing.

CEO and founder of Parsley Health, Dr. Robin Berzin, shares her profound, science-backed insights into how to take care of your body + mind through core actions. In this episode, Dr. Berzin outlines her holistic healing process from her book, State Change. An inspiration guide on identifying the triggers causing chronic conditions so you can reframe your routine and reclaim your health and happiness.ce.

Show Notes:

  • Covid revealed a lot of our underlying fatigue and anxiety, and Parsley Health works with patients to look inside and find the root cause of these issues and resolve them

  • It's not a realistic goal to never be anxious, but Dr. Berzin teaches realistic goals and habits around anxiety to strive for

  • Heavy screen time, work stress, family stress, etc leaves us all with stress, but we need tools to adapt and experience a state change in how that anxiety feels

  • State Change provides guides to track your baseline with various symptoms, and helps readers identify what needs to be addressed and recommendations for making changes

  • Dr. Berzin recommends removing gluten, dairy, and refined sugar for a month to really gauge how they make you feel, and it's not at all about weight loss or deprivation but just to learn how to feel your best

  • It's important to tap into how you feel without those foods, and you can apply that knowledge when you reintroduce things

  • Movement is a key pillar, and our bodies were designed to process emotions through movement

  • Even a small amount of movement, over time adds up to little bits of change that make a big impact on your state change over time

  • Alcohol is dehydrating, it disrupts deep sleep, and it's a natural depressant- it's a disservice to ourselves to not recognize these things, and Dr. Berzin recommends limiting alcohol consumption to 3 days per week


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