Changing the Conversation Around Hormones with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Changing the Conversation Around Hormones with Dr. Sara Gottfried



Best-selling author, physician, and hormone expert, Dr. Sara Gottfried, talks about balancing hormones, transforming your diet, and pursuing happiness to optimize your body and life.

Dr. Sara Gottfried empowers patients with the knowledge to transform their bodies forever through a scientific wellness approach that balances hormones, optimizes performance, and helps with healthy aging. 

Today we geek out over healing hormones, tracking our bodies for immediate biofeedback, and why a food-first focus will consistently deliver desired results. Plus, Sara shares how she checks in with herself through a personalized food routine and setting activity boundaries.

Show Notes:

  • When pregnant want to be optimizing our environment to help set our hormones up to help us handle the challenges of delivery and postpartum

  • Cortisol, thyroid, and estrogen are the "Charlie's Angels" hormones, and Dr. Gottfried wants to check their control system to see if something is off before or during pregnancy

  • Micronutrient testing also helps check to see which vitamin levels might be low, her favorite test is Nutreval from Genova

  • Glucose and insulin tests can help show if someone will potentially have cardiovascular issues like pre-diabetes

  • Sara loves to use a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) with her patients, especially during pregnancy, because it can be so informative of how an individual's body is reacting to inputs

  • Stress is the number one thing that impacts aging, and Sara found through testing that her cortisol (stress hormone) was 3x what it should have been

  • Hormones are the second thing that impact the speed at which we're aging- insulin, glucose, estrogen, and progesterone all have an impact on how quickly we age

  • Maintaining muscle mass is also crucial to aging healthfully, and it's important to work to keep muscle mass through strength training and explosive movements

  • Our thyroid is a master gland that not only controls metabolism, but also has an impact on cholesterol, inflammation, muscle movement, mood, and libido

  • Estrogen is the quintessential, archetypal female hormone, but it also keeps your joints lubricated and it builds up the lining of your uterus

  • The gut is really important for managing estrogen levels and getting enough fiber contributes to healthy estrogen

  • Sara recommends trying to eat 5 colors a day in your vegetables and fruit

  • Having purpose, meaning, and joy in life has an overall impact in balancing the symphony of hormones and calming our cortisol

  • Sara's morning routine includes water with electrolytes and a fasted workout before she gets started with work appointments and seeing patients

  • Sara's plant-centric diet is focused on whole foods, and she uses a Continuous Glucose Monitor to stay metabolically flexible


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