How Seed Planted a New Standard in Probiotics with Ara Katz + Raja Dhir

How Seed Planted a New Standard in Probiotics with Ara Katz + Raja Dhir



The founders of Seed, Ara Katz and Raja Dhir, share the science behind probiotics and explain how good gut bacteria can support the health of humans and the planet.

The super-smart founders of Seed probiotics, Ara Katz + Raja Dhir, separate the facts from fiction in this microbiome deep dive. 

Seed’s probiotic + prebiotic formula really does what it says on its (sustainably sourced) bottle, thanks to meticulous microbial strain validation through biofermentation, stabilization, scale up, and rigorous clinical research. They’re currently conducting two trials assessing the clinical effects of their product in treating irritable bowel syndrome and post-antibiotic recovery.

Ara and Raja explain the robust science behind Seed and why their product is a game-changer in a saturated market. Not all probiotics are created equal and with a lack of regulation in the US, true transparency can be hard to come by. We cover all the bases, enabling you to gain an accurate understanding of the microbiome and how to support your gut health according to your lifestyle.

Show Notes:

  • Ara and Raja teamed up, using their backgrounds in consumer health and science to develop Seed, a cutting-edge synbiotic (combo of probiotic and prebiotic)

  • They researched specific probiotic strains with evidenced based studies behind them to ensure they were creating a product that truly helped gut integrity and digestion

  • Seed has also heavily tested their products to develop their dual capsule system to ensure delivery of live bacteria to the small intestine

  • Seed's research backed strains can help with constipation, cholesterol regulation, and even vitamin uptake in the body

  • Research has shown that artificial sweeteners like aspartame, excessive alcohol consumption, antibiotics, and dysregulated sleep can all be disruptive to the microbiome


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