Building Balance and Hacking Autophagy with Siim Land

Building Balance and Hacking Autophagy with Siim Land



Author, speaker, and professional biohacker, Siim Land, breaks down the scientific benefits of intermittent fasting and gives tips on amplifying your body’s performance.

Today’s guest, Siim Land, fitness warrior and author of the best-selling books “Stronger by Stress” and “Metabolic Autophagy,” reveals the science behind his winning approach to body mechanics and busts the myths surrounding fasting, building muscle, and diet.

Plus, how his healthy upbringing and current nature-focused lifestyle in Estonia is a biohacker’s dream come true, and how everyone can integrate fasting and mindful eating into their lives.

Show Notes:

  • Siim starts his days with the most important things first, he finds it to be his most productive time

  • Siim is a proponent of intermittent fasting, which can be a beneficial stressor, a fasting length of about 16 hours produces many benefits

  • After an overnight fast, the body switches into autophagy where old cells are cleared and there is cell renewal

  • The average American eats in about a 16 hour window, but Siim recommends reducing that to 12 hours or less to get some benefits of metabolic flexibility and syncing your circadian rhythm

  • Exercise helps clear glycogen stores in your body; consuming carbs after exercise typically leads to a minimal blood sugar response since your muscles are primed to receive glucose

  • A continuous glucose monitor (GCM) is a useful tool for gauging your personal carb tolerance

  • Higher protein intake and resistance training are key components of muscle growth

  • BDNF helps your brain make better neurons and helps it operate more efficiently, fasting and exercise can help promote BDNF

  • When you're deficient in sodium it can cause you to be more insulin resistant


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