Create a Sustainable Diet for the Body + Planet with Simon Hill

Create a Sustainable Diet for the Body + Planet with Simon Hill



Physiotherapist and nutritionist, Simon Hill, simplifies nutritional facts to inspire you to make better food decisions for your body and the planet.

Simon Hill is on a mission to help us flip the health narrative, crush common chronic illnesses and save the planet through the power of plant-based nutrition. His simple lifestyle hacks show why small, slow, steady steps in the right direction beat any fad diet.

In this episode, Simon and I discuss the commonalities that make up an optimal diet, zoom in on the importance of fiber and microbiome, and share the recipes and food habits that will help you, and the planet, live longer.

Show Notes:

  • Simon's dad suffered a health crisis when he was young, and it shaped Simon's interest in health and understanding nutrition and genetic predispositions

  • There are dietary patterns like low saturated fats, low in ultra-processed foods, and sustainable for a lifestyle and these patterns could be plant-exclusive or more of a paleo approach

  • We have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria in our microbiome, and if we look after it and feed it fiber and foods that promote gut diversity, it will serve us as well

  • Prebiotics promote diversity in our guts, and includes polyphenols, resistant starch, and probiotic fiber and they are "prebiotics" because they escape digestion in the small intestine

  • Research has shown optimal gut diversity with people who include 30 or more different plants in their diets (herbs and spices count!)

  • Simon incorporates and recommends a daily salad with dark leafy greens, berries, avocado, walnuts and a dressing of olive oil, mustard, and lemon, topping the salad with a protein source like chickpeas or fatty fish enhances it even more


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