Solo Q&A: Postpartum Journey, Self Care, & Eating Well on a Budget

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Solo Q&A: Postpartum Journey, Self Care, & Eating Well on a Budget



Welcome to a special solo Q&A episode! Kelly answers your questions about blood sugar, how to get out of a food rut, how to stop snacking, and tips for eating well on a budget. Plus, she opens up about her own postpartum journey.

Show Notes:

Q: What has your postpartum journey been like with Baby Tasch versus your experience with Bash?

  • When Kelly is preparing to be pregnant she ups nutrients for 3 months to increase nutrient stores

  • Because of Bash's rough entry and time in the NICU, Kelly cut off all work after his birth

  • On the flip side, Tasch's delivery was very easy and having more parenting experience lends itself to more confidence and intuition in motherhood

  • Now, Kelly prioritizes her nutrient status and restoring strength in her core muscles to support her back to keep up with small kids.

Q: I'm on a tight food budget, what are some good ways to save while still trying to buy quality where it matters?

  • When you're on a tight food budget limit the number of places you buy from, look into white label versions, buy with autoship from places like Thrive Market when there are things you use every day

  • Make things yourself like freezer fudge or almond milk to save what you would spend on the store bought versions

  • CSA boxes offer affordable organic and local produce

Q: What books are at the top of your reading list for this year?

Q: I eat Fab4, but can't quit my snacking habit. What are your tips for reigning it in?

  • Start with eliminating your morning snack and making a breakfast that keeps you satisfied for 3-4 hours with stable blood sugar

  • Try drinking some electrolytes like LMNT

  • Snacking over time can contribute to elevated blood sugar

  • Pique tea is a great option when you just need something to distract you and you aren't really hungry

  • Focus on replacing a habit with a healthier swap before fully eliminating it, like replacing a soda with Sound Tea

  • For healthy habit formation, take some tips from Atomic Habits. Look for ways to automate positive choices, stack habits you're trying to develop on top of things you already do daily


Q: How do you make time for self care or mindfulness as a mom of young boys?

  • Kelly prioritizes getting 20 min a day of personal time to recharge

  • Virtual yoga with Global Retreats is a go-to self care activity for Kelly

  • Kelly jumps in the bath when it's time to bathe Bash and uses the time to put on a face mask from Naturopathica, Versed, or Summer Fridays


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