Living Life Without a Filter with Jeannette Ogden

Living Life Without a Filter with Jeannette Ogden



Wellness influencer, Jeannette Ogden, talks about her evolved approach to food, work, and motherhood, and how it’s helped build her brand, @shutthekaleup.

I love Jeannette Odgen’s raw and authentic take on life and motherhood on her Instagram account, @shutthekaleup. With over 350k followers, it’s clear I’m not the only one who relates to her filter-free approach!

It hasn’t always been so “easy,” and Jeannette generously opens up about the backstory behind her self-made brand. From her history with disordered eating, loneliness, and financial hardships, to handling social media backlash and the everyday challenges – and miracles – of motherhood, business, and family life, her story and presence are as beautiful as the gorgeous recipes she posts on her blog. She’s such a beacon of light for all women out there!

Show Notes:

  • Despite challenges in her childhood, Jeannette has fostered a beautiful family and healthy relationship with food

  • Jeannette let go of her fear and shame and it let her enjoy life without restriction (18:00)

  • Jeannette's boys have really different personalities, and she balances her relationships with each and follows their lead with her breastfeeding timeline

  • With her first pregnancy, Jeannette and her husband were living paycheck to paycheck and didn't have medical insurance. She decided to have a home birth, and ended up delivering her breech baby at home.

  • Prioritizing sleep, circadian rhythm, and movement in the morning are all habits that are really important to Jeannette

  • Getting outside is so important, and Jeannette finds so much joy in taking her boys to the park or on walks

  • Acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, and visiting the chiropractor are all practices that Jeannette has found improve her body's function and how she feels

  • Dry Brushing, sunshine, and movement are Jeannette's favorite forms of meditation

  • Choosing authentic brand partnerships is so important and lends itself to stronger messaging and better customer response

  • Jeannette's salmon, smoothies, and sweet potatoes are her favorite recipes


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