Taking Care of Your Pelvic Floor with Allison Oswald

Taking Care of Your Pelvic Floor with Allison Oswald



Allison Oswald is a PT in women’s health, and she helps so many women make sure their pelvic floor is ready to go pre-, during, and post-labor. She went to Loyola Marymount University for her undergrad and Mount Saint Mary’s for PT school, ran a Plumb Line Pilates Studio for a number of years, and has helped some of Hollywood’s A-listers. She delves into and debunks some of the false beliefs women have around birth.

You will learn about...

  • What you should be thinking about regarding alignment and pelvic floor during pregnancy

  • Making sure your pelvic systems are working correctly

  • What working with a pelvic floor therapist looks like

  • What to be aware of with your alignment

  • Tips to set yourself up for success

  • Behaviors to avoid


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