Breaking Down Functional Medicine with Taylor Dukes

Breaking Down Functional Medicine with Taylor Dukes



Functional medicine provider and board-certified family nurse practitioner, Taylor Dukes, gives advice on how to advocate for your body and take your health to the next level.

Board-certified family nurse practitioner, Taylor Dukes, is on a mission to help you heal your gut, sleep better and balance your hormones. Her flexible healing protocol meets you where you're at, so you can stay consistent on the journey to look, feel, and perform at your best.

This information-rich episode lifts the lid on the chronic autoimmune issues she's diagnosing in her patients right now and the roadmaps she prescribes for recovery. Learn about all the holistic tools in Taylor's toolbox, from her preferred testing methods and go-to supplements to add to your routine, to simple dietary changes that can make a world of difference to your overall health.

Show Notes:

  • Health issues in her early 20s prompted Taylor to begin working with a functional medicine practitioner, and she saw vast improvements in her symptoms

  • Taylor now runs her own functional private practice, where she does an in depth intake and health history process

  • Taylor is a proponent of health marker testing, mold and Lyme testing, and food sensitivity tests to provide personalized protocols

  • Stress is a huge player when it comes to developing gut and autoimmune issues

  • To test patients for leaky gut Taylor is a fan of a stool test to evaluate what's going on in a patient's gut

  • Magnesium is a common deficiency in women, and Taylor recommends most people consider a supplement

  • Taylor's favorite supplements include probiotics, Omega 3s, and a multivitamin

  • is a great resource for finding a functional medicine practitioner and never stop advocating for yourself to find answers and healing


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