Fab Four Formula

The Fab 4 Formula

The Fab 4 includes Protein, Fat, Fiber, and Greens.


Together these nutrients naturally support blood sugar balance, regulate hunger hormones, decrease cravings to help you to feel your best and hit your goals, and serve up just what your body needs. You can think of the Fab 4 as a short checklist of nourishing things to add to your meal instead of a “do not list.” It is sustainable because it puts you in the mindset of attainment instead of deprivation so you can stay positive and get consistent. The magic of the Fab 4 is in the combination of these 4 nutrients to keep you full and balanced.

• Protein provides essential amino acids. It helps keep you full and supports building and maintaining muscle to increase your metabolism.

• Fat provides essential fatty acids to regulate hunger hormones. It helps you kick cravings by triggering the release of satiety hormones and slowing digestion, which naturally elongates your blood sugar curve to keep you full.

• Fiber balances blood sugar and feeds your microbiome. It helps keep you full without elevating blood sugar, it feeds healthy gut bacteria and promotes daily detoxification.

• Greens provide the crucial phytonutrients needed to help your body fight inflammation and stay well.

 The Fab 4 formula can be applied to whole foods on your plate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. My favorite and signature way to apply this formula is through the easy and satiating Fab 4 smoothie.

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What really clicked for me: Kelly's simple explanation of the science behind it all- how the right amount of macronutrients (her “Fab 4”) on my plate or in my smoothie will balance my blood sugar and hunger hormones.

— Jessica Alba