Own Your Morning, Own Your Day with Todd McCullough

Own Your Morning, Own Your Day with Todd McCullough



Todd McCullough shares his inspiring story of how he found freedom and purpose, combining faith and fitness in his home workout business TMAC Fitness.

After years playing professional football and a successful stint as a financial advisor, Todd McCullough found himself at a dead-end professionally after being laid off in 2008. He began working as a personal trainer, posting free online content on the side and building what would become TMAC Fitness: a subscription-based 20-minute workout program with a short meditation practice to close. 

His formula is a fantastic way for everyone, from amateurs to athletes, to carve time for their bodies, minds, and overall well-being. 

Today he shares his morning routine, life hacks, and spiritual principles that have shaped his body and mindset to be present and grateful for life's beautiful gifts.

Show Notes:

  • [01:00] Todd grew up in small town Florida and went on to play college football

  • [03:00] Todd worked in Finance and was laid off during the recession, and he ended up merging his passions for fitness, yoga, and mindfulness into TMAC Fitness

  • [10:00] We all have gifts and when we align them with our passions, then we are living out our purpose

  • [11:00] As Todd was starting out, he began training people part time and invested the profits in creating online content

  • [14:00] It's important to control your "inputs" in the morning to set yourself up for positivity- movement, connecting with spirituality and meaning

  • [17:00] Todd finds it easier to connect with his spiritual side after he has moved his body, it can even just be a couple minutes "habit stacked" onto the end of your workout

  • [19:00] Mind Right is a practice Todd designed, made up of four parts: gratitude, remembering a loved one, visualizing success, and being present and being still

  • [25:00] Being present for others is a gift for them, it's important to choose to live consciously

  • [27:00] Todd walks us through a Mind Right meditation

  • [33:00Todd intentionally keeps his body in motion and aims for at least 10,000 steps a day

  • [36:00] Balanced food choices help Todd make conscious choices, but still prioritizing enjoyment like his favorite scone!

  • [38:30] Prioritizing good sleep and even strategic naps can be game changing for health and wellness, check out the research by Matthew Walker in Why We Sleep and by Dr. Andrew Huberman from Huberman Lab

  • [42:00] Prime your environment for making healthy choices and prompting positive habits


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