Food Foundations for Life with Dr. Tyler Jean

Food Foundations for Life with Dr. Tyler Jean



Naturopathic doctor and functional food expert, Dr. Tyler Jean, breaks down his holistic food philosophy and explains how you can create a nutrient-dense, wholesome diet that works for your body.

Dr. Tyler Jean has experimented with just about every food identity out there. As a college athlete, he lived by the nickname “Protein Jean” before doing a complete 180° and building an Instagram following based on plant-based eating. Now, he combines the best of the vegan and Paleo lifestyles to empower his patients as a naturopathic doctor. 

We dive into the foundations of good health, exploring the root cause of common ailments without the “pill for every ill” approach, the pillars of digestive health, and how to listen to your body for cues. Plus, he shares the actionable rituals you can add to your day to elevate your body and mind, and the morning matcha recipe you’re not going to be able to live without. 

Show Notes:

  • With a background as an athlete, Dr. Tyler started to learn about nutrition to optimize his performance

  • Dr. Tyler saw a lot of benefit from a whole food, plant based diet but slowly began reincorporating some animal protein and felt better and more energetic

  • Dr. Tyler embarked on a Naturopathic education program, a 4 year medical program based in holistic and evidence based medicine

  • With a focus on prevention and treating the root cause, Functional Medicine is backed by a credential that is certified in 26 states in the US

  • Make sure your Naturopath graduated from an accredited school and be aware that working with a Naturopath can have incredible health benefits, but it is typically not covered by insurance

  • In your own dietary approach, eat seasonally, prioritize color and variety, and focus on whole foods

  • Many people are suffering from symptoms linked to gut permeability, which can often be helped through diet and lifestyle

  • Dr. Tyler focuses on self care in the morning, before he needs to focus on patients. Habits like oil pulling, making an amped up matcha, and getting in a morning walk


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