Welcome to WE: Creating Healthier Relationships for a Healthier You with Brigit Ritchie #WellnessWednesdays

Welcome to WE: Creating Healthier Relationships for a Healthier You with Brigit Ritchie #WellnessWednesdays



When I first heard about the impact that Brigit Ritchie was making within organizations like Google, I knew I had to learn more — and when I saw the empowering work she’s doing around the world, I knew I had to have her on the show!

Brigit’s vision is to help people develop rational mindfulness so that they can thrive in and out of the workplace, so she co-founded WE, an experiential development group that creates space for women to support women in LA through a twelve-week curriculum program that combines mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence tools, and inclusive leadership so that everyone can feel connected and safe. But Brigit leads these sessions across the world to create cultures of inclusion at companies like Google, Instagram, Lululemon, and much more.

You will learn about...

  • (01:30) The origins of WE

  • (06:25) The first steps to getting to know yourself

  • (11:03) Finding what fills you up, no matter what you do

  • (14:50) How do we start actively listening and create a safe space, in our communities and our workplaces?

  • (20:27) Active listening circles

  • (27:00) The profound impact that you can make when you make someone feel heard

  • (32:50) How often should we be practicing these listening and mindset exercises?

  • (35:15) 3 ways to implement the principles of active listening and presence in your life, even if you’re not in a situation to facilitate active listening circles in your workplace or home life

  • (37:20) How to approach conflict resolution

  • (49:15) The lack of manager training in this country (and the interpersonal skills that everyone needs to develop these days)

  • (52:55) Where is the line for appropriate sharing in the workplace?


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