What's in My Hospital Bag for Baby #3

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Hospital Bag Checklist: What I'm Packing for Baby #3

It became really clear to me through Sebastian’s birth that the most important thing will forever and always be a HEALTHY MOM & BABY.

A lot can change between baby #1 and #3, and with that came a complete change in what I think I need for labor and delivery. Gone are the days of tea lights, diffusers, playlists, makeup bags, and going home outfits. The only music I want to hear is a healthy heartbeat on the monitor, my baby’s first health cry, and my own tears as I clutch my new little bear. That said, here's everything I packed and why I packed it...

What I Now Consider the Essentials:

  1. Stainless steel water bottle + LMNT electrolyte packets: Electrolytes are especially critical during the labor and delivery process to regulate nerve function, hydration status, ph levels, and blood pressure. Electrolytes are also required for muscle contractions, and without them, muscles become weak and contractions of the uterus can be less effective.
    • I use LMNT electrolyte packets, which contain 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium and no added sugar or unnecessary fillers, to help support these important processes for a healthy labor and delivery process. I'll be pouring one in my Yeti and packing three extra in my hospital bag to stay hydrated before, during, and after my stay. If you want to snag Drink LMNT for your pregnancy and hospital stay, go to drinklmnt.com/Kelly to receive a free sample pack with purchase…oh, and it’s grapefruit season right now for a limited time only!
  2. High Protein Snacks: Giving birth is comparable to running a marathon in terms of the amount of energy needed, so it's important to stay fueled with quality food choices before, during. and after labor. I'll make sure to have a Fab 4 meal before heading to the hospital that will regulate my blood sugar levels and sustain me for 4-6 hours afterward. Because of the slowed digestion and nausea that comes along with labor, I focus on clean, easy to digest protein sources that will offer my body the strength it needs.
    • I'm including 4 mini Chomps beef sticks and two Gratisfied protein bars. I opted for non-perishable items that won't need to be refrigerated that are high-protein options in case food delivery is unavailable. The protein bars provide protein and fat for sustained energy and beef sticks are great for a quick bite of protein that will help maintain stable blood sugar levels.
    • Want to learn how to be a fabulous friend the next time yours is in the thick of the postpartum fog? Check out my master list for curating and delivering Fab 4 recipes to a loved one in need, here.
  3. Clothes for Me & Baby: I don’t want to do more laundry than needed once I leave the hospital, so I’ll be in the hospital gown until I go home in my cozy cotton underwear and bra (I got these from Gap) and my Vuori Clothing sweats or tank dress. With birth, there’s the possibility that any clothes you take may end up stained or ruined so I wouldn’t recommend taking your favorite outfits or anything light in color, just in case.
    • For the postnatal room, I packed a long sweater and socks if I get cold and a linen robe. For baby, I brought two newborn cozy onesies and a baby swaddle made from organic cotton muslin.
  4. Toiletries: I stuck with the basics and brought my favorite clean skin and body care products to the hospital. My main priority is choosing products that are free of scents and fragrances in order to protect my baby from often problematic ingredients. Here's what I brought with me:
  5. Lastly, I threw in my phone charger into my bag and I was good to go!

I've really narrowed down what's a necessity and simplified my hospital bag checklist to fit my own personal needs. Of course, every mother’s labor and delivery is a different experience, so there's nothing wrong with being over prepared when packing for the arrival of your new baby. For me, I know these essentials are what I need to feel supported throughout this process, and I hope this short checklist will serve as a helpful guide as you pack your hospital bag and get ready for delivery. You can also find my hospital bag essentials on Instagram @bewellbykelly and follow along for updates of baby boy #3!