Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah Hill #WellnessWednesdays

Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah Hill #WellnessWednesdays



Today’s topic is a divisive one — birth control. So let’s be clear upfront: I am not discouraging anyone from using birth control. It’s something I’ve used and needed at certain times in my life. I just feel called to educate you on the potential side effects so you can make the most informed decisions for you or your children. Dr. Sarah Hill is a research psychologist and professor who studies health, relationships, and other forms of social behavior. Her new book, “This Is Your Brain On Birth Control,” is going to open your mind to some of the unintended consequences your gynecologist may not have discussed with you when it comes to taking birth control. She’s also a writer and speaker with a passion for helping people learn about science and the ways they can help them feel happier, healthier, and more connected.

You will learn about...

  • (02:17) How your sex hormones change during your menstrual cycle.

  • (08:19) What’s happening when we take the birth control pill to our hormones and ovulation

  • (14:58) How birth control affects stress hormones

  • (26:23) The unintended side effects and the lack of education of those consequences

  • (36:41) How birth control affects who you are attracted to

  • (46:40) How men’s sex hormones change

  • (53:23) The sex hormones women experience when they’re breastfeeding

  • (01:02:11) Our relationship with food and cravings

  • (01:11:03) How overeating can start as kids

  • (01:23:13) The effect of non-caloric sweeteners on the body and brain


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