Protein Hack

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10 Minute Hack To Hit Your Protein Goals

This 10 minute weekly habit will change the way you eat!

The number one thing I see from the clients I work with is sub-optimal protein intake throughout the day.

Inadequate protein intake leads to unstable blood sugar spikes, decrease in energy levels, and prevents them from hitting their body composition goals. For kids, it results in strong hunger, excessive snacking, and a blood sugar roller coaster that results in lots of sugar cravings. I want a minimum of 0.75 g per pound of body mass of complete protein daily. Very few hit this, but as soon as they do, it changes the game. To reach these goals, it is important to have a substantial amount of protein at each meal, aiming for around 30 grams of protein.

On extra busy days, I have found that taking a few extra minutes in the morning prepping protein for lunch and or dinner have saved so much time. Mornings always tend to be a mad house, between childcare and trying to get my own day started, but finding ways to stack habits in the morning saves me time and sets me up for success later on. If I’m already in my kitchen making breakfast, coffee, and lunches, it only takes an extra 5 to 10 minutes to set my oven to 400 degrees, throw some protein on a sheet pan with a little olive oil or avocado oil, top it with my favorite seasoning blend, and after 20 minutes in the oven - they are done!

Here are my top tips:

  • I use stainless steel baking sheets.
  • I use If You Care pre-cut parchment sheets so I don’t need to cut them or mess with it.
  • I butterfly Pasture Bird chicken breasts for a quick and even cook. Use code BEWELLBYKELLY at checkout for a discount.
  • I always remove fish skin before storing in Pyrex Home to prevent a fishy smell.
  • I store extra protein in my fridge for 3-4 days - if they last.

Now I have three-four days of protein prepped to mix and match with veggies for lunch. For a salmon salad, I'll mix the cooked salmon with Primal Kitchen Foods mayo and herbs or pickles. Depending on the protein, you can also repurpose them into tacos, salmon cakes, a Greek bowl, or mix with curry veggies to make week night dinners in 15 minutes! Other days, I'll throw them into Bashy's lunch box or put them on a salad for lunch. I find this is the most helpful when it comes to busy work days, and preventing afternoon crash or a last minute takeout order. Luckily I have extra hands from my husband, but if your doing it without support please give yourself grace.