A Breakfast Swap that is full of Magic

A Breakfast Swap that is full of Magic


When you think of Body Love meals, the main things that probably come to mind are Fab 4 smoothies and leafy green meals with lots of protein. After all, those are the kinds of meals I’ve shown you how to make! But remember, I do not preach that you have to give up the foods you love. It’s important to know that every day will not be - and doesn’t have to be - perfect for you to achieve your goals or love your body well. 

While I think it’s perfectly fine to enjoy things like brownies, pasta, or a good ol’ fashioned bowl of cereal from time to time, I also want to let you know when there’s a swap-able option for you. 

Speaking of cereal, the average American consumes 160 bowls a year. That’s 10 pounds of processed acellular grains, industrial seed oils and loads of sugar. Again, I don’t say this to scare anyone but do think it’s important to know what exactly you’re eating when you pour yourself a bowl. If you grew up on sugary cereals or still love the stuff as a late night snack, quick dinner, or easy breakfast, you should know there’s another option for you. 

Enter Magic Spoon.

This high protein, low carb cereal will take you back to your childhood and let you get all nostalgic without also getting a sugar high. It’s made with whey protein, coconut oil, tapioca and chicory root fiber and monk fruit and comes in four amazing flavors (cocoa, fruity, frosted, and cinnamon). It’s also grain and gluten free - that means fun for everyone!

Before Magic Spoon, I hadn’t consistently eaten cereal since my sophomore year of college. Now I have an option that fits in with my goals and still lets me feel like a kid. Magic Spoon is changing the breakfast game and I want you to try them, too! And now is the perfect time - they recently released a Mini Box Sampler pack so you can try all their flavors and find your favorite. Use the code KELLYLEVEQUE for free shipping with your order. 

Now the only question is what old school cartoon should we pair with our Cinnamon cereal?

Visit Magic Spoon here!