My Absolute Favorite Reads (and Podcasts) This Spring

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My Absolute Favorite Reads (and Podcasts) This Spring


Times are unprecedented and uncertain for sure, but be encouraged! There are many positive things going on in the world. Just think how fortunate we are to have things like FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, and easy phone access so that we can still connect with those you love when you might otherwise feel isolated. While you have some time, I wanted to share some books that are my absolute favorite reads. These can all keep you educated and motivated while you’re adjusting to all the recent changes. You can order these or download them on Audible or get them digitally for free with a library card and the Libby app. Additionally, I’ve included some of my favorite podcasts. Give them a listen for nonstop encouragement and entertainment!

Like I said, these are my favorite books and they’re written by some of my friends and colleagues who are making nutrition and science digestible (digestible - get it?). 

  1. Max Lugavere (the genius life) Just released! Max wrote Genius Foods in 2018 and, with this book, guides you into a brain and body healing lifestyle with workouts, meal plans and meal prep tips.

  2. Dr. Hyman (Food Fix) A huge proponent of healing your body through nutrition, Dr. Hyman’s book is essential for combating chronic disease.

  3. Sick, Fat, and Poorer (recently interviewed on the podcast, listen here). This book provides the info you need to know to protect yourself and your family in a world full of chemicals.

  4. In The Flow by Alisa Vitti As women, it’s incredibly important to protect and promote the health of your hormones. Alisa is an expert in unlocking this mystery. I recommend this book to any and every woman.

  5. The joy of movement by Kelly McGonigal If you’ve ever wanted motivation to exercise, welcome to the club! Kelly was another recent podcast guest and her book describes all the benefits you get from exercise. You’ll be blown away by this book!

  6. How to breathe by Ashlee Neese If ever there was a time to take some deep breaths, it’s now! Not only do you get the science behind this calming necessity, Ashley also provides you with 25 techniques she’s developed throughout her practice.

  7. The Good News about estrogen by Uzzi Reiss Estrogen sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s an essential and helpful hormone in many ways. Another essential read for women everywhere.

Favorite Podcast to listen to while I cook, go on a walk or work! 

  1. MBG Podcast Anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the world of well-being! You’ll learn so much and feel grounded and encouraged with each episode.

  2. Rachael Hollis This girl keeps it real in everything from marriage to business. You’ll hear impactful conversations with leaders in every walk of life.

  3. Genius life with Max Lugavere Yep, he has a podcast too! Max interviews experts throughout the integrative medicine system to provide you with an endless stream of tips and tools to improve your life and well-being.

  4. Second Life with Hilary Kerr Have you ever considered a career change? This podcast is all about career changes. It will help you see what’s possible and get you motivated if you’re craving a fresh start.