The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

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The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

If it’s trendy I’ll find an affordable option, if it’s timeless I’ll consider it, but if it’s for my health…I am all in!

Fashion: I am a huge fan of basic staples, meaningful jewelry, and a fun style that lets my personality shine through. 
  1. ByChari Initial Necklace is a meaningful way to hold your family close to your heart! My best friend Angela gifted me this piece (with an S and a T) for my birthday, and I haven’t taken it off since July. (20% off right now) 

  2. Sneakers are a real thing right now, I just can’t get behind paying $600 bucks for a beat-up pair with flare, but these Good Vibe Soludos are on my list! 

  3. I invest in a nice pair of sunglasses every few years because they make me feel put together if I am wearing athleisure wear, sporting affordable basics, or without makeup. I am currently coveting these Celine Sunnies!


Get Cozy: Slippers, robes, and puzzles are classic Christmas favorites. 
  1. 100% Organic Cotton Day Dreamz Pant is all you need if you have a comfy old T-shirt. 

  2. It’s a splurge, but the quality is unparalleled; you'll have these Jenni Kayne slippers for years. 

  3. I love this Parachute Home Robe (rose). It’s the perfect weight for a California Christmas.  

  4. Puzzle time, these jiggy puzzles look like art, and they offer a little fun for everyone. 


Just For Kids: Let’s promote outdoor and creative play this holiday! 
  1. Use a Micro Scooter or a Strider to get them moving or a Wobble Board if you don’t have a safe place to ride.  

  2. Bash was gifted a Young Wild and Friedman Playdough Kit for his birthday (Thanks, Auntie M!), and we immediately bought one for each of his closest buddies. It’s hours of fun and so different than traditional play dough toys. 


Dad Vibes: Chris is an absolute minimalist; he only likes to buy things he loves or desperately needs. These are his picks for 2021: 
  1. Bruin Nikes because everyone needs a sneaker refresh. 

  2. These Vuori sweats are perfect for a Saturday coffee run or dropoff. 

  3. ByParra Sweatshirt to stay warm after a salty surf sesh. 

  4. Chris has been using the same robe from Costco since 2007, so it was time for a new one. He wants the thicker Parachute Robe in fawn. 


Beauty: Here are my top 3 stocking stuffers. 
  1. Beauty Counter Mascara

  2. Saie Duo: Tinted Moisturizer & Brush

  3. Hume Biome Buddy (Fragrance-Free and code KELLYLOVESHUME gets you 15% off) 


Make A Big Investment In Health: This list is for those who want to invest big in their health. If you find data motivating or having health at your fingertips or in your home can help you get consistent, these are my favorite ways to invest. These gifts can keep given back to you all year long. 
  1. Levels CGM: instead of weighing yourself this holiday season or starting some crazy New Year cleanse, I suggest my clients invest in a Levels CGM for 1-3 months. The real-time data will help you start making healthier choices that will improve metabolic health and ultimately get you to your physical goals in a healthier way. 

  2. Oura Ring: nothing gets me in bed earlier than seeing how much more deep sleep I get when I am in bed before 10 pm. 

  3. Sunlighten Sauna: I love my two-person, and new research suggests with only an hour of sauna a week, you can derive significant benefits on metabolism, insulin, and hormone pathways. 

  4. Vitamix: I use my blender and food processor attachment regularly because they all connect to the Vitamix base on my counter. 

  5. Tonal: It’s big bucks, but it's a hardcore workout just hanging on your wall. You will never need metal weights, kettlebells, or a gym membership. Don’t buy magic potions, quick-fix products, or pills; real change takes real work.

  6. Joovv or BioLight - Santa doesn’t have the funds for this one but I am saving up for a red light panel to hang on the inside of my sauna!