Hack Your Meal Prep Routine with Cassy Joy Garcia

Hack Your Meal Prep Routine with Cassy Joy Garcia



Cassy Joy Garcia, Founder of Fed + Fit, reveals the ultimate hacks to saving time and money at family mealtimes.

Holistic nutritionist, author, and professional home cook, Cassy Joy Garcia, makes cooking for your family a breeze, with an innovative “cook once” method that saves you time without sacrificing taste or nutritional value. 

Learn how to transform yesterday’s dinner into a fresh new dish for later meals. Plus, Cassy reveals the secrets to cooking nutritious feasts on a budget, the insider chef tips to build confidence in the kitchen, and the shortcut to soups that will save the day.

Show Notes:

  • Coming from more of a Paleo background, Cassy has recently opened up her diet more and expanded her options through trial and error

  • The "cook once" method was born out of a need to reduce meal prep time, while still creating delicious and healthy meals

  • Cassy's new book centers around cooking a bulk protein that can be transformed into different entrees quickly throughout the week

  • Cassy went through her own food intolerance journey, and she recommends testing foods and tuning in to which foods make you specifically feel good or not great, and journally can really help with this journey

  • Cassy likes to double down on time in the kitchen, for example if she's roasting potatoes for dinner, she throws some extras in the oven to serve at breakfasts

  • A bit of weekly planning for meals helps batch decisions and reduce stress on busier days

  • Exposure and modeling helps kids become more comfortable with new foods and choosing healthy items on their own

  • At every meal, Cassy gives her kids at least one thing she knows they'll love and then sprinkles in new things for them to be curious about


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