Motherhood Truth Bombs with Cat & Nat

Motherhood Truth Bombs with Cat & Nat



Cat & Nat bust the myths and misconceptions of motherhood and chat openly (and hilariously) about the wild adventure of being a mom.

Hysterical duo Cat & Nat broke the mommy-cookie cutter mold by changing the narrative around motherhood and creating safe spaces for women to open up and build community. 

 Their events caught on like wildfire, and they’ve since made a massive online tribe for women to share their stories about the loneliness and stress that comes with motherhood.

In this episode, they reveal how they’re helping moms deal with babies, pubescent teens, mom anxiety, and those awkward sex conversations by creating community, connecting women with experts – and keeping everyone’s wine glass topped up along the way.

Show Notes:

  • Cat & Nat were friends growing up and became the first in their group of friends to settle down and have kids

  • With motherhood came feelings of anxiety and loneliness and they rekindled their friendship

  • Cat & Nat created a safe space for each other to share their post-partum struggles and they were inspired to create a community around that

  • They actively seek community with other moms and keeping things fun and having fun through all of the stages of parenthood

  • Journeying through motherhood has taught them that there are many great ways to parent, and everyone does it a little differently

  • Building a comfortable environment for open dialog with kids is so important, Cat and Nat talk openly with their kids about questions that they have

  • Encourage kids to look beyond the expectations that society lays out, and help them embrace who they are and who they're growing into


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