Okay Humans: Transforming the Face of Therapy with Christy Desai

Okay Humans: Transforming the Face of Therapy with Christy Desai



LMFT and CEO of Okay Humans, Christy Desai, is transforming the conversation and experience of going to therapy with an innovative talk therapy concept that’s customer-forward, inviting and accessible. Collaborating with the founders of Drybar and Squeeze, Okay Humans is normalizing seeking help by helping people embrace therapy as part of their wellness journey. 

It’s ok to not be ok, but you don’t have to be a victim to your circumstances or past trauma. Both Christy and I share how therapy has helped us heal along different touchpoints of our lives, and why the future of talk therapy should be a “feel good” experience, even if you’re not quite there yet internally. 

Going to your therapist should be as normal as going to the hairdresser or dentist, and thanks to gamechangers like Christy it can be. They’ve just opened the doors to their oasis (not a sterile doctors office) in Los Angeles, so be sure to check out their spot if you feel called to!  

Show Notes:

  • Christy is passionate about making therapy more approachable and had her own personal revelations going to therapy as a young professional

  • Christy approaches therapy as preventative help, and supports going regularly, even if you don't immediately feel as though you need it

  • At Okay Humans, therapy sessions are 45 minutes and the concept is designed to make skeptics comfortable and make it easy to give therapy a try

  • We tend to underestimate our resilience, and it's important to go through our emotions or unpack our trauma to reach the full potential of our resilience

  • Okay Humans likes to emphasize in person therapy with a virtual option when needed


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