Fight Those Cravings with My Top Craving-Fighting Foods

Fight Those Cravings with My Top Craving-Fighting Foods


While I’m not a huge snacker, I always aim to have Body Loving options available to not only me but also my family. I like to focus on nourishment, balancing blood sugar, and selecting foods that naturally regulate hunger hormones to leave me feeling balanced, not hangry, all day long. Here are my top 12 craving-fighting foods I make sure to keep close at hand.

Satisfying Dairy Alternatives

Be it for snacking or preparing my signature smoothies, I reach for clean nut milks boasting minimal ingredients—almond, cashew, or macadamia nut—from organic brands like Malk or Almond Milk from Thrive Market.  

That being said, dairy isn't completely off the table. There are days, especially during my pregnancy where I'll do a raw sheep or goat cheese. While pregnant I couldn’t really do raw or soft cheeses, so sometimes I would reach for pasture raised, good, cultured cottage cheese.

Fresh Produce

Lemons are sometimes in my fridge, sometimes on my counter depending on how hot it is in my apartment, and I always have avocados.

Nutrition-Packed Condiments

Condiments are one of the sneakiest ways people load up their diets with extra sugar, which is why I recommend reading labels! I recently launched my Be Well Blends with Williams Sonoma and they are packed with all the nutrients, no fillers, and no sugars! I’ll also reach for high-quality, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, Braggs apple cider vinegar, or any other offerings (like mustard and ketchup) from Primal Kitchen.


Pasture-Raised Eggs

I love to snack on a hard-boiled egg or veggies and a pre-made dressing or a little sprouted hummus. Eggs are also great in salads for an extra kick of protein or poached or scrambled at breakfast.

Organic, Washed Greens

Essential for smoothies or salads alike, Organic Girl is one of my go-to brands when it comes to invigorating my diet with must-have leafy greens. I always have one or more blends of super greens that are turbo-washed and easy to grab.

Sparkling Water

My fridge is loaded with Mountain Valley sparkling water. I also love cold apple cider vinegar which I'll sometimes splash into my water.

Gut-Healthy Veggies

I love fermented veggies, like Farmhouse Culture krauts, and there were a couple of weeks of my pregnancy where I just had to have garlic pickles. The tart flavor is an amazing burst if you're hungry and the blast of vinegar can help cut sugar cravings. I have it with a big glass of water, especially if I'm eating due to emotions or boredom.

Grass-Fed Ghee

Ghee, which is clarified butter, is the ultimate way to cook veggies or upgrade a morning cup of coffee.

Raw Almond Butter

The perfect addition to crackers, raw veggies, or smoothies, raw almond butter (which retains more nutrition compared to the roasted variety) is another staple you'll always find tucked away in my fridge. It's a great source of natural protein, fat, and minerals!

Clean Crackers

I always have Jilz's Crackers, which are made with almonds, chia and flax. They have a super low glycemic index and contain minimal ingredients. I usually eat them with smashed avocado or nut butter and make little sandwiches.

Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

If I'm snacking on seeds, I use Go Raw mixes that are already sprouted. They have watermelon seeds which I'm super into. They have 10 grams protein per ounce! Watermelon seed butter is a great plant-protein source for my vegan and vegetarian clients. I recommend whipping it into a pesto or salad dressing.

Healthy Sources of Protein

I'll usually have a clean protein in the fridge as well—either grass-fed ground beef, wild salmon, or maybe a pasture-raised chicken that I can cut up and pull for salads. I usually also stock canned sardines or salmon. I will buy sardines or tuna from Wild Planet—their fish is wild and tested for mercury.

Article inspired and originally published on Byrdie: Craving-Fighting Foods