Holiday Gift Guides for the Whole Family

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Holiday Gift Guides for the Whole Family


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I previously shared my Body Love Every Day gift guide, which you can check out here! There you can find a gift guide for each archetype as seen in my book, Body Love Every Day. But today I want to give you some more ideas on how you can gift your family and loved ones well this season. 


New Mom: Shower Mama with all the cozy things that will make her days a little more luxurious. 

  1. Organic Robe* - the coziest robe for the new mama!

  2. Organic Romper* - Bedtime just got a whole lot cuter with this organic romper.

  3. Elvie Breast Pump - This is portable and me!

  4. The Confetti Nursing Bra* - I love this nursing bra, and it always sells out pretty quickly (fyi)!

  5. H&M Nursing Bras* - This pack of nursing bras is another favorite of mine and is less than $30!

  6. Nécessaire Body Wash & Lotion* - For an extra dose of pampering with every shower.     

  7. YETI Rambler* - Avoid coffee spills while also keeping your coffee warm for hours!

  8. DRD Single Initial Ring* - This would be the cutest push present. I actually have this with the letter S for my son Sebastian. 

  9. Four Sigmatic Coffee* - A perfect cup of coffee for those sleepless nights. Use the code  BEWELLBYKELLY for 10% OFF.

  10. Beatycounter Bright Side Duo* - You guys know I love this duo. A perfect and clean set!


Be Well Baby: Gifts for your baby or toddler! From my all-time favorite items to what is currently in my shopping bag for Christmas, you’ll find it all here. 

  1. The Nightly Pajama Set - BeWellByKelly x 12|12 - My Fab 4 collaboration with 12|12 is here and all proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to families and kids in need.

  2. The Ollie Swaddle* - For the newborn babe, this is a must-have.

  3. Dr. Bronner's Baby Unscented Gift Set* - A clean bath time set!

  4. Brain Rules For Baby and Flashcards* - My favorite baby book, packed with tools and practical guidance.

  5. Canopy* - Easy to clean, anti-mold technology, and clean moisturized air - just call this the Holy Grail of humidifiers. It’s definitely a new favorite!

  6. Hiya Vitamins - The cleanest vitamins for kids, free of sugar and the extra junk!

  7. Green Fire Truck* - This toy is BPA free and so easy to keep clean!

  8. Smoothie Set* - A year later, and this is still Bash’s favorite! Start them young!

  9. Bash’s Favorite Hat from Bitty Brah* - He doesn’t leave the house without it. Protect your littles from the sun with this cute hat!



For the men in your life: Show the men in your life some love with these thoughtful gifts. 

  1. Atomic Habits - A solid book! James was currently on the podcast and trust me, you’ll want to grab this book for yourself too!

  2. A Solid Organic Tee from Pact

  3. Yeti Backpack* - Perfect for adventures and picnics!

  4. Beautycounter Facial Oil* - Skip the aftershave! My husband prefers this oil instead as it prevents bacterial overgrowth and is moisturizing.

  5. Lululemon At Ease Shorts* - These are comfortable and husband approved!

  6. A classic beanie from Patagonia

  7. Vans high-tops*

  8. Chomps* - An easy snack to take on the go!


For your mom and sisters! These items are so cute, all the women in your life will want them under the Christmas tree! 

  1. Body Love Journal

  2. A chic sweater for every day!

  3. Nécessaire Body Wash, Lotion, and Exfoliator*

  4. DRD Huggies* - I have these in rose gold and they are my favorites!

  5. Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace* - A cute pendant necklace to be customized with your name or your kiddos!

  6. Beautycounter Bright Side Duo* - My favorites are now available as a set, get a set for you, your mom and sisters!

  7. Pique Tea* - A great addition to your mornings!

Happy Holidays, Friends!