How to Create Kid Approved Fab 4 Snacks

How to Create Kid Approved Fab Four Snacks


If you’ve been working to serve up kid approved Fab 4 snacks and treats, I want to help you out!

Creating balanced meals and snacks to help our kids thrive is one of the many important jobs we have as parents. What we feed our children affects how they feel day to day, as well as how they learn and how they will function in the future. Unfortunately, with sugar-loaded processed foods conveniently and cheaply available everywhere, it’s really easy to end up with a diet full of sugar.

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Blood sugar balance is important for all of us, but crucial for children who are more susceptible to the effects of sugar - you can learn more about sugar’s impact on kids in this podcast episode with Michael Goran, PHD and Emily Ventura PHD and in their groundbreaking book, Sugarproof. 

I use the Fab 4 with my entire family, especially Sebastian. This, of course, goes for meals, but I want the snacks I serve to be nutrient dense as well. By serving snacks that contain the Fab 4, I set us up for some semblance of balance and calm in our house. Just as the blood sugar rollercoaster can cause you to crash, crave, and feel all the hunger-related emotions, it will cause your kids to experience the same thing without the impulse control we have as adults. 

In addition, protein and fats paired with non-starchy veggies are the most nutrient dense foods and the lowest in heavy metals. That’s another thing to think about when creating meals and snacks, especially when you think about the convenience style snack foods that are so common in kids’ diets these days. Foods highest in heavy metals are actually lowest in nutrient quality and quantity, and are mostly processed, so opt for whole foods whenever possible especially when it comes to your carbs. Add starchy or sugary whole food carbohydrates to round out meals and snacks, and go for strategically chosen processed ones like crackers, tortillas and pasta.

Now back to the snacks! Just like with your own meals and bridge snacks, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Many of our favorites are just Fab 4 versions of things I ate as a kid. Here are some of Bash’s (and my) favorites that you can try with your own kids: 

Kid Approved Fab 4 Snacks and Treats

Another empowering idea is to create a “help yourself drawer” for your kiddos. You get to choose what goes in the drawer and can make sure it’s full of nourishing, Fab 4 snack options, then let them make the decision about what they eat at snack time. Say goodbye to power struggles and hello to easier snack times! Here’s how we fill ours:

Does Bash have crackers and chips? Yep! I decide when to offer those and I pair them with a fat or protein so he doesn’t have a blood sugar crash meltdown. We love Hu Kitchen* with avocado and Simple Mills* with Wild Friends peanut butter (I pair his apple and banana with nut butter too).

Remember, it’s all about balance. Focusing on the Fab 4 allows you to provide your kids foods they enjoy that will nourish them and help them grow and thrive, all while keeping their blood sugar in check.

Understanding how to feed your family can be overwhelming, and when it comes to our kids we only want the best for them. I’m so excited to share my upcoming course, Fab 4 Under 4, where I’ll teach you everything you need to know about feeding your kids - from introducing solids to encouraging adventurous eating at an early age.