Detoxing Your Home Environment with Lara Adler

Detoxing Your Home Environment with Lara Adler



Top environmental toxins expert and health coach, Lara Adler, shares ways to eliminate exposure to endocrine disruptors in your everyday life.

As a leading voice in environmental health, Lara Adler aims to empower individuals to choose cleaner, safer products and hold industries accountable for toxic exposure. In this episode, Lara lifts the lid on the chemicals you should be worried about, explains the latest research and developments in managing toxic exposure, and the super-easy steps you can implement into your routine to purify your environment and elevate your health.

Show Notes:

  • Lara became interested in learning about toxic chemicals in consumer goods when she was researching baby products for her sister

  • There are about 1,000 chemicals that have been identified as endocrine disruptors, and regulators only ever look at one chemical at a time vs. addressing them in classes (like PFAS chemicals)

  • The notion that "the dose makes the poison" is accurate that most exposures are linear and worsen with additional exposure to the toxin, but endocrine disruptors can lead to significant biological changes in very small levels, this is called a non-monotonic response curve

  • Opening windows is a great way to eradicate dangerous off-gasses from furniture and other household items

  • Prioritize organic foods when you can and your budget allows and you can quickly drop your pesticide levels in your body

  • Google your city's water quality to learn what common contaminants have been found

  • Reverse osmosis filters take all minerals out, including beneficial minerals, meaning you should remineralize your water, since we can't rely on our food for all of our minerals due to soil depletion


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