Re-Parenting the Diet Brain with Laura Conley

Re-Parenting the Diet Brain with Laura Conley



I connect with life coach and mother Laura Conley on the theme of weight loss and self-love and how to achieve an ideal weight without sacrificing your worth.

After years of yo-yo dieting, Laura Conley decided to get to the root cause of her “diet brain” and stop counting calories. Once she purged her binge-to-cleanse mindset and took the power away from food, she discovered that her body would find its set point weight without the need to starve herself. 

We discuss how motherhood inspired her to shift her relationship with food and how she came to a place of true body acceptance with a body love code that was both empowering and effective.

Show Notes:

  • Laura found herself on a "weight quest" from a young age and started striving to be a certain weight, leading to some obsessive behaviors

  • Laura became a yoga teacher and corporate coach, guiding people into careers that fulfilled them

  • Through her first pregnancy, Laura was inspired to end her struggle with food to be a positive influence for her daughter

  • Laura was a celebratory eater, and while she loosened her grip on calorie counting, the mindset around celebrations focused more around the people than the food

  • Laura used yoga tools and mindset to lower her desire for food or emotional eating to a more natural level, and stopped using it as an escape. She focused on using food as nourishment

  • Stop "white knuckling" food choices and learn to follow through on loving yourself and sticking to your commitments

  • The key to contentment with your body is to learn to love yourself and finding that happiness comes from within and not being a certain size

  • A true pleasure is something you enjoy while you're doing it, but you can also look back on without guilt

  • Laura took on the challenge of letting go by giving herself "experiments" to try loosening her own rules and restriction and she found a lot of joy and fulfillment in the process


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