Blog posts Shift Your State through Breathwork with Robbie Bent

Shift Your State through Breathwork with Robbie Bent


Robbie Bent, CEO and Co-Founder of Othership, reveals how the transformational power of breathwork and hot/cold therapy can help you connect to your body and purpose.

Years ago, breathwork, plant medicine, and hot/cold therapy helped Robbie Bent turn away from a lifetime of alienation and addiction. Now, his mission is to create a community and safe space for people to feel belonging, connection, and life force without the social crutch of alcohol or drugs. His burgeoning brand, Othership, includes physical and online opportunities to dial into the breath, self-regulate our emotions, and discover a natural high that’ll last a lifetime. 


In this episode, we dive deep into the benefits of breathwork and techniques you can use to breathe vitality back into your routine and interpersonal relationships. We invite you to participate in one of Robbie’s electrifying, live breathwork sessions at the top of the episode.